Saint Lucy Caffe e Cucina

Saint Lucy Caffe e Cucina is the best authentic italian dining experience in brisbane. Antipasto and woodfired pizza are our speciality. 


The mythos of Saint Lucy dates back as far as the 4th century A.D. Known for her fiery spirit and graceful philosophy, the Sicilian born Saint Lucy was a brave soul whose heroism and philanthropy saw her rise up as the patron of Syracuse.

Lucy was, however, not particularly favoured among the rich and powerful, and despite her nurturing ways, Lucy saw a rather gory end to her life. She is now remembered as the lady of light, as her beautiful eyes, thought to be gouged from her as punishment, were no obstacle, for she went on still to
see and enlighten those who followed.

Her name is now associated with all things light and illuminative. Her fiery attitude still burns strongly to this day; especially so inside the bright fire burning within our very own Italian wood-fired pizza oven.

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lucy’s ethos.

 food should be memorable.

drinks should be stupefacente.

service should be invisible.

setting should be sereno.